Industry Development of Ceramic Circuit Board

ceramic circuit board

The circuit board factory talks about the application advantage analysis of FPC in wearable devices.


The FPC mentioned by the editor of the circuit board factory has excellent performance and plays an indispensable role in electronic products, meeting the development needs of smart phones and smart wearable devices. With the trend of miniaturization and thinning of electronic products, the consumption of FPC flexible circuit boards is increasing and booming.

Multi-layer circuit board factory-multi-layer circuit board compatible design points description.


Most electronic products are inseparable from the component is multilayer circuit board, and the production quality of multilayer circuit board factory directly determines the use of electronic equipment and the use of quality, there are many points in the circuit board processing related to the compatibility of multilayer circuit board, and then affect the quality of the circuit board. What are the main points of the compatibility design of multilayer circuit boards under the popular science?_multilayer circuit board_multilayer circuit board factory_blind buried hole circuit board_HDI board proofing

Multi-layer circuit board factory: reasons and solutions for layered blistering of multi-layer circuit boards


In the graphic electroplating process method of multi-layer circuit board factory, because the circuit pattern is easy to produce side etching in the etching process, the tin-lead alloy plating part is in the air and produces a suspension layer, which is easy to fall off, resulting in a short circuit caused by bridging between wires. Multilayer circuit board factory uses infrared hot melt process method, can make the exposed copper surface get very good protection. However, when it is used for infrared thermal melting of multi-layer circuit boards, the phenomenon of delamination and foaming between layers of multi-layer circuit boards is very serious due to high temperature, resulting in a very low yield of multi-layer circuit boards. _Blind buried hole circuit board_multilayer circuit board

Multi-layer circuit board factory: general principles of multi-layer circuit board stacking arrangement


Before designing multilayer circuit boards, the multilayer circuit board structure must be determined according to the circuit scale, circuit board size and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. That is to decide whether to use a 4-layer, 6-layer or higher multilayer circuit board. Once the number of layers is determined, the multilayer circuit board factory has decided to determine the placement of the electrical layers in the multilayer circuit board and how to distribute different signals on these layers. This is the choice of multilayer circuit board factory laminated structure.