Employee Benefits

Company employee benefits:

1. Five-day and eight-hour working system, overtime pay shall be paid according to national regulations;
2. Industry-leading salary and welfare scheme: annual salary adjustment in April, salary adjustment for outstanding employees in September, year-end incentive bonus, outstanding employee award, transportation subsidy, etc.;
3. Provide employees with five insurances and one fund: social insurance for pension, medical treatment, work injury, unemployment, maternity and housing accumulation fund;
4. Employees are legally entitled to national legal holidays, such as marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, sick leave, annual leave, etc.;
5. Cool drinks are distributed from July to September every year, high temperature subsidies are distributed according to national requirements, seasonal fruits and moon cakes are distributed during Mid-Autumn Festival, and related benefits are distributed during other festivals;
6 6. Hold birthday parties and birthday gifts every month;
7. Perfect training management system, provide internal and external training for staff to upgrade their skills. The company has many teachers such as internal lecturers, external well-known experts and professors, consulting companies, etc., and at the same time provides external training, academic education and other opportunities to give employees a good development space;
8. Free accommodation, complete indoor facilities, equipped with independent toilets, network cables, etc.;

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