How does HDI PCB first-order and second-order and third-order distinguish?

The difference between the first order, the second order and the third order is to look at the number of laser holes. The PCB core board is pressed several times and laser holes are punched several times, which is a few steps. That's the only difference. 1. Drilling after pressing once = = "Press copper foil again outside = =" Laser drilling again, this is the first order, as shown in the following figure 2. Drilling after pressing once = = "Press copper foil again outside = =" Laser drilling again, drilling = = "Press copper foil again outside = =" Laser drilling again. This is second order. The main thing is to see how many times you radiate, that is, how many orders.


Caring for the elderly send warm

In November, the temperature dropped sharply after winter, and there were few pedestrians in the streets. Hengkesheng Electronics launched the theme activity of "Warm Love and Warm Early Winter" to help the elderly. He Likun, a trade union representative, led the staff to deliver rice, oil, fruit and quilts to the lonely elderly. Care for the lonely elderly, accompany those lonely sunset elderly, dispel the cold of early winter, warm the hearts of the elderly. Establish a caring corporate image and fulfill corporate social responsibility.


The company's "safe production month" series of activities started

On November 1, Hengkesheng Electronics held the "Safety Production Month" kick-off meeting and the safety production management committee meeting in the fourth quarter of 2018. At the kick-off meeting, the company's general manager Li Jian took "life first, safe development" as the theme, combined with internal and external case analysis, explained to the participants and emphasized the importance of "party and government with the same responsibility, one post with two responsibilities. Li Jian asked the principal responsible persons of all departments and processes of Shenzhen and Qingyuan companies to sound the "alarm bell" and strictly perform the "double responsibilities of one post". Safety Director Luo Jinheng analyzed the current severe safety situation and reminded everyone to fully implement the three-level safety education and the re-education of all employees,


Carry out quality development training to build high performance team

From October 22 to October 23, Hengke Sheng Electronics successively carried out "Building High Performance Team Quality Development Training" activities in Shenzhen and Qingyuan. The theme of this activity is "unity, cooperation and win-win", with a total of more than 300 participants. In the one-day quality development training, the students first enhanced their own understanding and communication ability through team building and cultural display, and improved the quality of creating excellent teams; then, by participating in team cooperation competition projects such as "Pearl River Wanli" and "graduation wall", the students were allowed to compete and cooperate with each other, Devote themselves to every project with vigorous vigor and strict discipline,


Promote green environmental protection and care for the earth's environment

In September, Hengkesheng Electronic Park launched a series of activities of "promoting green environmental protection and caring for the earth's environment", setting up garbage classification, air cleaning, environmental protection jigsaw puzzle and other links. Education in fun, let employees learn environmental protection knowledge in the game interaction, applied to work and life. Through environmental protection knowledge competition, low-carbon travel, green campus travel and other activities, the company implements the company's business mission of "developing science and technology for the benefit of mankind; Refining environmental protection and making the earth better", advocates citizens and students to protect the earth's homeland, shows the good spiritual outlook of company colleagues, shows the company's green corporate culture to the outside world, and transmits green positive energy.


Passed AEO Advanced Customs Certification

In June 2018, Shenzhen Hengkesheng Electronics Co., Ltd. successfully passed the customs AEO advanced certification and became the highest-level "credit pass" enterprise in international trade. Customs AEO advanced certification is a direct embodiment and measure of the management norms of the "Global Trade Security and Facilitation Standard Framework" by the General Administration of Customs of China and the World Customs Organization (WCO). It is of great significance to pass the certification smoothly. First of all, enterprise management is required to meet international norms. The certification audit standards include five major parts: internal control, financial status, compliance norms, trade security and additional requirements. Content covers: organizational structure, import and export business control