Company Profile

Shenzhen Hengke Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with a total investment of US $0.15 billion, covering an area of 100000 square meters and a plant area of 90000 square meters. We have two modern factories in Shenzhen and Qingyuan. The company is a new high-tech enterprises. The main products are multilayer circuit boards, HDI board proofing, blind buried hole circuit boards, soft and hard combination circuit boards, high density connection boards, HDI circuit boards, multilayer printed circuit boards, etc. It is a professional multilayer circuit board factory, circuit board factory. Annual output of more than 900000 square meters, enterprises through the ISO9001, products are through UL, QS9000, ROHS certification. Specially for domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises and scientific research units to provide superior and quick service. Products are mainly used in communication equipment, computers, testing and control systems, aviation and military equipment and other fields ......

Hengke Sheng Electronics has been selected as the annual supplier of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and is recognized by the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Private technology enterprises, while Hengke Sheng production of high-precision large, medium and small batch printed circuit boards by Shenzhen high-tech project certification. Through cooperation with customers in Japan, Germany and other developed countries, we have adopted international advanced technology and advanced management means. From their high standards and strict requirements, our process level has been improved by leaps and bounds, the company's market is expanding day by day, and the company's scale is expanding.

The company has purchased advanced production and testing equipment from the United States, Japan, Germany, Israel and other places to enhance production testing and technical capabilities. At present, the laser direct imaging, high frequency board manufacturing, characteristic impedance control, blind buried hole manufacturing, aluminum substrate and flying needle testing technologies owned by PCB manufacturing are all superior in the industry. Through the unremitting efforts of the company's research and development team, various advanced production technologies such as mechanical micro holes, high aperture ratio, high-layer backplane, high-precision impedance, HDI, etc. have been successfully developed.

"think more for customers, do more for customers, take quality as the root, service as the foundation" is the service tenet of Hengke Sheng Electronics. Hengke Sheng Electronics through resource integration, process integration, department integration; let customers really feel fast, high quality, efficient service. In the process of development, the company is united and working together to create an excellent culture and an excellent enterprise.

Adhering to ISO9000 standards, adhere to the spirit of perseverance, and constantly absorb international emerging technologies, improve product quality, and exceed customer needs.