talent concept

The company adheres to the common growth with employees, believes in the management concept of "people-oriented", attaches importance to the development and training of talents, and strives to create various conditions for the growth of talents, so as to retain people by career, development and culture. The concept of talent is embodied in the following aspects:

1. The company provides a stage for every employee to fully develop;
2. Attach importance to personnel training, strengthen training and learning, provide employees with training and learning opportunities, and discover and cultivate talents within the company through training.
3. The company receives reasonable suggestions from employees at any time, communicates with employees, forms a good atmosphere of "the company treats employees well and employees love the company", creates an environment and atmosphere combining standardized management and humanistic management, and cultivates employees' sense of honor through various methods, Stimulate work enthusiasm;
4. The company has set three types of career planning according to the career development needs of employees: administrative management, production management and technical management. The technical sequence is for employees to study according to their personal personality characteristics and hobbies to become expert talents in this field; for those with management talents to carry out directional training to change their roles as managers.

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