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Ultra-thick Board Blind Buried Hole Circuit Board HDI Circuit Board HDI Board Proofing

Number of layers: 4-layer plate thickness: 5.0MM minimum line width line spacing: 5MIL/5MIL minimum through hole: 1.0MM surface treatment: wind power equipment in gold sinking applications


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Commodity Description

layer number: 4 layers
plate thickness: 5. 0MM
minimum line width line spacing: 5MIL/5MIL
minimum through hole: 1. 0MM
surface treatment: gold sinking

application field
wind power equipment

standard multi-layer circuit board structure, is a process including inner layer circuit and outer layer circuit, re-drilling, and in-hole metallization, to achieve the internal link function of each layer of the line. However, because of the increase in line density, the packaging of parts is constantly updated. In order to allow the limited circuit board area to place more and higher performance parts, in addition to the finer the line width, the aperture is also reduced from 1 mm of DIP jack aperture to 0.6mm of SMD, and further reduced to less than 0.4mm. However, it still occupies surface area, so that buried holes and blind holes are generated.

The through hole between the inner layers cannot be seen after pressing, so it does not need to occupy the area of the outer layer. The upper and lower sides of the hole are both in the inner layer of the board, in other words, they are buried inside the board.

is applied to the connection between the surface layer and one or more inner layers. One side of the hole is on one side of the board and then leads to the inside of the board.


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